Task Task Title responsable
Task 0 Coordination GDD
Task 1 Accessibility-oriented Knowledge Graphs GDD
Task 1-1 Update GDD
Task 1-2 Scalability GDD
Task 1-3 Benchmarking GDD
Task 2  Findability of knowledge graphs Wimmics
Task 2-1 Semantic index ontology. Wimmics
Task 2-2 Building and maintaining the index Wimmics
Task 2-3 dex refinement Wimmics
Task 3 Transparency-oriented knowledge graphs BD
Task 3-1 Requirements for, and extensible model of, transparency: BD
Task 3-2 Enabling KGs to be as transparent as possible BD
Task 3-3 Estimating/verifying the transparency degree of a KG BD
Task 4 DeKaloG use-cases and applications All
Task 4-1 KG bots All
Task 4-2 Federated query processing All
Task 4-3 Oh Yeah verification All

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