Task 2-1

  • Semantic index ontology.  We need to define the ontology of the index. This ontology should fit the expectations of task 4 use-cases and integrate transparency as proposed in task 3, e.g, the ontology should be able to answer questions related to relations among KGs such as “which are the KGs that relate schema.org/Person with genes of the Gene Ontology, and that can be queried through a public SPARQL endpoint“.  The ontology includes statistics used for ranking. Many metrics can be computed to rank KGs, such as those proposed by FairMetrics [22]. We aim to define  Transparency metrics able to capture the transparency characteristics defined in task 3, and allowing to rank KGs according to their transparency.  We will study the state of the art on semantic indexes and provide an ontology that fits the requirements of Task 3 and Task 4. 

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