Research report “Web preemption and SPARQL update”D.1.1GDDT0+14Yes
Research report  “Web Preemption over distributed datastore”D.1.2GDD,BDTO+28
Research report “Benchmarking”D.1.3GDD,WimmicsT0+3
Research report “ Semantic index ontology ”D.2.1WimmicsT0+14Yes
Research report  “Building and maintaining the index”D.2.2Wimmics,GDDT0+28
Research Report “Requirements and first models”D.3.1BDT0+14Yes
Research report “Implementation of the modelsD.3.2BD,GDDT0+28Yes
Research report “Index refinement”D.3.3BD,WimmicsT0+35
Research report “Evaluation of transparency of both facts and KG”D.3.4BD,WimmicsT0+42
KG botsD.4.1AllT0+42

Federated query processing
O yeah verificationD.4.3AllT0+42

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