Task 4-3

Oh Yeah verification. Mary is a journalist searching for information about the European Parliament. She submits her request about the voting similarities between the two European parties EPP and S&D to the DeKaloG engine. She gets results from two KG providers. She favors transparent information up to verifiable. NGO “European Parliament Observatory” KG results are in the first place, thanks to their attention paid to transparency. Mary can take note of the subjects that are consensual for EPP and S&D and those which are not. In addition, she can also retrieve the metadata describing the entity who produced this knowledge, the date of production, the hypothesis and algorithms used as well as their parameters, etc. Finally, assuming she has a smart client and adequate computing resources, for each statement, she can click a kind of “Oh Yeah button” for repeating the retrieval workflow, observe the process and check whether she can reproduce the result.

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