Task 3

Task 3: Transparency-oriented knowledge graphs


The demand for transparency increases in many domains. However, there exists no structured and homogeneous representation of transparency metadata/information. This prevents its use in real applications through semantic technologies. Our goal is to propose an intuitive, extensible, canonical representation, aiming at a standard. We intend to design algorithms and provide tools enabling i) the inclusion of queryable transparency-related metadata/information in a KG, and ii) the estimation and verification of the transparency degree of a KG. An important challenge is to limit the overhead for KG providers and KG users.

Research report “Requirements and first models”D.3.1BDT0+14
Research report “Implementation of the models”D.3.2BD, GDDT0+28
Research report “Evaluation of transparency of both facts and KG”D.3.3BD, WimmicsT0+42

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