Task 4: DeKaloG use-cases and applications


  • The uses-cases highlight how ATF principles enable the web automation of Knowledge Graphs. Web automation is the key to build a sustainable eco-system of KGs. Use-cases also allow to specify which queries the index has to answer and consequently, to specify an optimized ontology for the index.
KG botsD.4.1AllT0+42
Federated query processingD.4.2AllT0+42
O yeah verificationD.4.3AllT0+42

Partner’s contribution: Leader: GDD. Participants: BD, Wimmics

Methods and technical decisions

  • For testing federated queries, we will deploy a federated query benchmark such as FedBench [46] or LargeRDFBench [47]. The method is to deploy benchmark datasets as KG on a DeKaloG server, trigger the DeKaloG indexing and then launch benchmark queries. 

Risks fallbacks

  • GDD and Wimmics already have federated query engines. 

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