• Distributed Semantic MediaWiki (DMSW) DSMW stands for Distributed Semantic Media Wiki. It allows to create a network of Semantic Media Wiki Server and synchronize data between them. DSMW can be understood as Git or Mercurial but for a network of semantic wikis.
  • Live Linked Data is an extension of Sparql Update protocol to support collaborative editing of semantic data. It is base on Corese SPARQL implementation.
  • Revisor Revisor is a free software library giving access to a set of revision engines. As of version 1.0, it can be used to revise propositional logic formulas, linear constraint conjunctions, and qualitative constraint networks. It can also be used within a case-based reasoning application to adapt cases expressed using these formalisms. Version 2.0 introduces an adaptation operator for propositional logic that uses adaptation rules.
  • BeGoood BeGoood allow to execute Unit Testing on semantic queries.
  • SemWiki is a proof-of-concept semantic wiki, storing everything (wiki text and triples) in a triple store. Whenever the wiki text is modified, the triples are updated accordingly; conversely, whenever the triples are updated, the wiki text is altered accordingly.
  • Ration4Ta The Semantic Web applications use inferencial capabilities and distributed data to compute their results. These applications should provide explanations about how they obtain their results to ensure their effectiveness and increase user acceptance. Justifications enable generation of such explanations. Ratio4TA (interlinked justifications for triple assertions) is a lightweight vocabulary for encoding justifications. Ratio4TA specializes W3C PROV Ontology (PROV-O). As a result, justifications described using Ratio4TA are easily processable according to the W3C PROV standards.

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